Linocut Shop written in a victorian font

Find on this page all the militant and vintage linocuts available for sale.


For any order, please contact me by private message via my social accounts or by mail.

Shipping cost

Shipping costs for France (including Overseas Departments and Territories) are generally included in the sale price.However, for orders of more than 5 products, I will apply the rates of La Poste. For orders outside France, I apply a rate of 3 €.


Once the order is validated, I prepare and dispatch it within 2-3 working days.

Prints are packaged in paper or craft envelopes and protected by cardboard sheets.

All prints are made by hand.

Options & customisation

Customisable prints can be purchased "empty" at the price shown. If you wish, I can add text to the empty inserts for an extra 2€.

"Standard" prints

The "Standard" prints are made on :

  • canson paper A5 90g
  • canson paper A4 120g

Please note: the choice of paper is determined by the size of the engraving (of the printed stamp). I always leave a border that can be used as a mount or cut out for later cropping.

"Old Papers" Prints

The "Old papers" prints are made on pages of old books or documents recovered before their destruction.

Please note: paper thickness and quality may vary. I don't always leave a border between the print and the edge of the sheet.

Linocut is a handmade printing technique that consists of reproducing a motif using a stamp engraved in linoleum.

Each print made in this way is unique. Slight variations (and sometimes some small imperfections) can be observed between the different prints.

This is part of the charm of linocut but not everyone is equally sensitive to it.

At the moment, I do not have the necessary material to print the other visuals presented on the site.

The posters are available on the print-on-demand platform Redbubble.

Frise de séparation
Taille de Police / Font resize